After connecting with OceanHub Africa we discovered that a circular production system can be created, harnessing the excess seaweed on the beaches of Cape Town to produce creative products from it. These include jewellery, home décor, and other fashion products.

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The idea grew even bigger after discovering an innovative technology called Marine Permaculture. Not only will more kelp forests support the manufacturing of products, but it will help with the global warming challenge, by assisting with CO2 drawdown.

What is Marine Permaculture?

Created by the Climate Foundation, under supervision of Brian von Herzen, this revolutionary process recycles nutrient rich water from the deep ocean to the surface.

At the top of the buoy pipe system, a platform is attached to cultivate a new kelp forest. Seaweed grows really fast, between half a meter and a meter per day. Once a new kelp forest is established, the ocean ecosystem naturally gravitates towards it.

The Impact

This project has great growth potential. It effectively deals with a problem on the beaches, while creating other opportunities as well. These include job creation for collecting the seaweed, processing it, and manufacturing the products.

Worldwide people are currently realizing the potential of this material. And we aim to keep South Africa at the forefront of the seaweed revolution.


The Vision

We want to empower individuals who are willing to take ownership of the project, who are not only interested in merely earning a salary, but want to work towards owning a share in the company. By creating a team of designers, we can explore the versatile material to its fullest.

And the environmental impact of cultivating more kelp forests will address a variety of issues, including CO2 Drawdown as well as establishing new ecosystems.

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