We have created a team of collaborators to help us achieve our project goals.
The forward-thinking designers that are involved with the project see the potential of seaweed as a sustainable material.

With the help of key players in the industry, we aim to create a circular production system that can be replicated worldwide.

OceanHub Africa

Accelerator Program for Ocean-Minded Startups

Stephanie Canac and Alexis Grosskopf founded OceanHub Africa in 2019. The program aims to accelerate innovative impact-driven startups in Africa, to protect our oceans.

They provide a platform – digitally, physically and emotionally – where entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, businesses and other stakeholders can connect, inspire, collaborate, as well as access the resources they need to succeed.

Climate Foundation

Innovative Technology

Founded in 2001, the Climate Foundation is dedicated to educating and empowering people to combat global warming in our lifetime.

Brian von Herzen and his team has created an innovative technology called marine permaculture.

What is Marine Permaculture?


Plastic Alternative

Evoware was founded in 2016. They are a socially responsible enterprise based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company aims to elevate an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

They have created a technology that produces a plastic alternative, made from seaweed.     

Thabile Jewellery Design

Jewellery Designer

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Thabile Dubula founded his company in Cape Town, in 2017. He was trained by Famke Koene and Megan Fogarty and became passionate about jewellery design and manufacture, dreaming of creating his own beautiful designs.

Thabile Jewellery Design Facebook page

WREN Design

Fashion Accessories

Wendren Setzer founded WREN Design in 2012. Her bags and tech accessories are made from recycled cement paper, redesigned in a unique way.

The products are durable, water resistant and stylish. These designs have travelled all over the world, including the NY Now Retail Renaissance expo.

Would Work Design&Craft


Arno van der Westhuizen has had a meandering career journey that brought him to designing bespoke wood furniture. He studied Environmental Studies, Wildlife Conservation, and Sound Engineering before settling on his passion for woodwork.

Arno has been designing custom-made furniture and shop fittings since 2013.

Would Work Design&Craft Instagram page

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