The NuKelp Project aims to keep South Africa at the forefront of the seaweed revolution. The project was created to explore the power of seaweed, through various mediums including food products, as well as fashion and décor products. We’re building a network of partners and collaborators, creating innovative products from seaweed.

It is an amazing untapped natural resource.
The end goal is to create a circular production system, using funds generated from product sales to grow more kelp forests.

These are three elements that are at the core of our business model. First and foremost is the preservation of the planet. Without it the other elements of a business model does not make sense. In all our business dealings we keep the planet at the forefront of our decisions. Next, we aim to uplift people through expansion of a niche industry in South Africa. We are a for-profit business, knowing that by correctly applying finances the planet and people will thrive.